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Vegan friendly wine by a love-by-many movie star

What is vegan wine? Does it really exist? 
In the recent years, vegan lifestyle has gained its popularity around the world, and more and more people are making the decision to go vegan. Vegan is when a person completely abstains from the use of animal products such as butter, milk, meat and others. 
So, is the regular wine vegan friendly? The answer is no, and it all has to do with how wine is clarified. Wine clarification means removing the turbidity of wine. Polyphenols and proteins that cause turbidity is adsorbed by the mineral called bentonite, egg whites and others, and later removed by precipitation. The addition of sulfite is for antioxidant and antibacterial purposes. Depending on the management method, microorganisms are activated in the wine made by brewing, and the taste tends to be unstable. To prevent these changes sulfite is added.

A new vegan wine brand – ‘AVALINE’ founded in the United States by a Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz uses no animal products in the clarification process. The wine is made by using organically grown grapes, minimizes additives, and uses a mineral called bentonite for clarification, that way the process and the wine itself become vegan friendly. 

AVALINE produced wine is entirely environmentally friendly as it is free from any animal products, the organic grapes are cultivated without synthetic pesticides, with no additional fragrances, colorings or concentrates. As well as those, in order to prevent oxidation to the minimum sulfites are used. 

AVALINE currently produces two types of wine – white and rose. They price at 24USD and are sold online, as well as at the selected retailers in the 43 states in the US. 

According to the official website, the key to the cleanliness of wine is the oldest winemaking process. The original wine could be produced with the cooperation of a farm that is familiar with old-fashioned wine production in the era where there were no chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. 

AVALINE has been awarded a prize at the 2020 Academy Awards amongst vegan food. As well as AVALINE wine, there were other vegan products which have won the award. The arrival of AVALINE is good news for those who enjoy good quality alcohol and have adjusted to the vegan lifestyle. 2020 may be the year to spread awareness about vegan alcohol.


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