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No Longer Need to Worry About Dying Battery at Outdoor Events!

Have you ever been worried about your smart phone’s dying when participating in an outdoor event?
A German company has developed a solar charging station to relieve such concern at an event.

SunCrafter, an off-grid movable solar charging station developed in Berlin, Germany, is built by “up-cycling” the industrial photovoltaic (PV) systems that became unnecessary. An important aspect of SunCrafter is that it can reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining power generation efficiency and safety.

Also, it’s easy to transfer due to the wheels.
It has been introduced only at events in Germany, such as the Hanover Fair in Berlin and the Hurricane Festival near Bremen. However, in this September, SunCrafter will be introduced in a life experience program which is held at Eco Lodge in a tropical forest in Brazil.

The manufacturer holds a mission based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
“By making clean power accessible and affordable to even the most remote SunCrafter supports even more global goals such as health, education, poverty alleviation, economic growth, climate change and mitigation of CO2 emissions.”
In order to achieve this mission, the company will also offer SunCrafter as part of humanitarian support such as the installation in disaster areas and refugee camps while providing the service at outdoor events.

No longer need to worry about dying battery to enjoy outdoor events. Can’t wait for the global launch of the eco-friendly solar charging stations!