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Beer made from recycled water

About 70% of the earth’s surface area is covered with water, and most of it is seawater. The amount of fresh water is only 2.5% of the total, and it is said that the amount available to humankind is about 1%. Therefore, although the available freshwater is limited, the world’s population is increasing. In other words, it is expected that a rapid increase in usage due to population growth will definitely cause water shortages. In areas where infrastructure is not well developed, large amounts of domestic wastewater and factory wastewater are discharged into rivers, causing problems with water pollution. Wastewater reuse is one way to solve these problems. Reusing wastewater as part of sustainable water management allows water to remain as an alternative water source for human activities. Taking this idea a step further, Canadian universities have announced a groundbreaking idea to use it in beer.

The idea of using recycled water for beer was developed in collaboration with scientists at the University of Calgary in Canada, a local brewery village brewery, and Xylem, which is developing solutions to global water problems. Is it okay to drink wastewater? However, according to the announcement, the wastewater is recycled to a level that meets Canadian drinking water standards by advanced treatment technology, so there is no problem. Beer made from recycled water to a safe level is sold at a limited brewery and at the local brewery Village Brewery.

Areas where safe drinking water is not available. Children who cannot go to school to fetch water. Decreased crop yield due to water scarcity. Water is the basis of all human activity, not to mention life support. We hope that the technology for making beer from recycled water will be utilized to create an environment where everyone can access safe water.

Photo: ACWA