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Check the ethical level of apparel brands.

Environmentally friendly fashion. It has become the most important issue in the fashion industry. However, as a consumer, even if we check the website of each brand, it is often difficult to judge whether it is an ethical brand or not. In response to such a request, an app that can judge whether it is ethical or not has appeared without such trouble. That is “Good On You”.

Good On You, a service that evaluates apparel brands ethical, is run by the Australian non-profit organization Ethical Consumers Australia. Since its launch in 2015, it has provided data for over 3,000 brands.

The apparel brand’s ethical rating is on a five-point scale: Great, Good, It’s a start, Not Good Enough, and We Avoid. The information used for evaluation is from a third-party perspective, such as official certification systems such as Fair Trade, Ethical Clothing Australia, and the Global Organic Textile Standard, and NGO evaluation systems.
Good On You has also three major evaluation criteria: the earth, humans, and animals. The evaluation items of “Earth” are the use and management of resources, carbon emission of energy and the impact on water. “People” assesses the brand’s attitude towards workers throughout the supply chain, including child labor, forced labor and wage payments. “Animal” evaluates the use of fur.

And Good On You announced in August 2020 that the evaluation criteria will be updated. According to the announcement, a method for responding to the crisis by COVID-19 will be added. It is also stated that the popular fast fashion “ZARA” has been changed from “It’s a Start” to “Not Good Enough” due to special penalties imposed because fast fashion brands are not a sustainable business model.

Good On You can be viewed not only in the app but also in a web browser. Both the app and web browser are in English only. In addition to the rating at the time of search, it also has a link to an online site and recommended functions of similar brands.

In a sustainable society, you need to know the material and environment of the clothes you buy, but you can’t know unless the company discloses it. However, Good On You supports consumers based on third-party ratings. Why not use the Good On You app to find your favorite ethical outfit?

Photo: Good On You