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Fair play to protect the Earth

As of 2020-2021 season Liverpool FC has changed its uniform supplier from New Balance to Nike. For the fans around the world the long-awaited unveil happened in August this year. The uniform drives the attention to the color and the design of the uniform. But the main attraction is the material of the uniform. 

The uniform is made from the recycled polyester which was derived from the plastic bottles. Nike online shop also sells other products made from recycled polyester, not just the Liverpool FCs club uniform. When searching for products at the online store, the site allows the consumer to navigate using the search bar and displays boxes such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and environmentally friendly blended materials, which makes it easier to find sustainable products on the website.

Nike has also developed and sold Nikes lowest carbon emission shoes – Space Hippie, which was earlier introduced by ecoist. Nike is also known for its positive movement towards transmitting to zero greenhouse gas emissions. While the efforts of globally influential companies such as Nike and great and are setting a great example to others, it’s not just the big companies which are working to protect the global environment and the future of sports. Although the contribution might be seen as small when compared to big companies, an English football club ‘Forest Green Rovers’ is getting attention from around the world as the eco-friendliest club in the world. 

Forest Green Rovers is a football club in the English Football League of 4th division, therefore there are many people who might not be aware of the team, but it’s slowly getting its popularity by going more environmentally friendly. 

To start off, the stadium is powered by green/renewable energy. The electricity supplied to the stadium is 100% generated from ‘Ecotricity’ – solar, hydro, and wind power suppliers, and some of the power is covered by solar panels which are installed on the roof of the stadiums.

Secondly, the field itself doesn’t use nor have any pesticides or herbicides, and uses simple rainwater for watering. Earlier, in one of their articles ecoist has introduced Mowbot which is powered by sun and helps manage the lawn using less water and other resources as much as possible.

Snacks and other snacks which are offered at the stadium are vegan. Players are also targeted by vegan lifestyle. At first the vegan snacks had a strong backlash at first, but are currently getting their popularity. 

Nikes efforts and Forest Green Rovers efforts are completely different, but they share the same desire to protect the earth. If the global environmental deteriorates, your usual favorite activities might disappear, but if we all contribute to saving the earth those activities will remain accessible.


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