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Vegan sweets with love from Hong Kong

Recently the world has come to see low-calorie, wheat free sweets called no-guilt desserts. With the current beauty standards and high promotion of healthy living, many people are slowly beginning to adjust to the mainstream lifestyle by reducing the amount of sweets they consume. But what if there was a dessert which was healthy, as well as delicious? A patisserie that fulfils this desire has opened in Hong Kong. 

Bien Caramélisé recently opened a store in Prince Edward, a region reputed to enjoy the goodness of old-fashioned Hong Kong. The patisserie sells 100% plant-based sweets, but what makes this place a little more special is that all known and loved by many desserts such as eclairs and lemon tarts which normally would have eggs, dairy products, wheat and others are also plant based. For example, known by all cream puff dough would normally be mixed with flour, butter and eggs, but in this patisserie brown rice, chickpeas, olive oil and oyster shells which are rich in vegetable fiber are used.
According to the comment made by Time Out worker – which handles recommended sports and news, the taste wasn’t any different from the usual cream puff which is made from butter and eggs. 

The 100% plant-based sweets are developed by the founder and head chef Jessica over the period of three years. Jessica recreates, procures and makes the desserts herself, including making the butter and cream. However, it is difficult for the mainstream suppliers to procure ingredients for plant-based sweets, therefore the products used are made with the help of local farmers or with procuring organic products from nearby countries such as Taiwan and the Philippines. 

Currently, Bien Caramélisé accepts reservations only via WhatsApp or e-mail. Since the business depends on the situation of Hong Kong, it seems better to check the reservation method and opening information on the homepage or Instagram when visiting.

Bien Caramélisés’ homepage shares a strong message that it is important to make delicious and sustainable plant-based desserts. Bien Caramélisé is lined with desserts that embody that ambition. 

Living a plant-based diet lifestyle is one way to protect environment. There is no doubt that eggs and butter based sweets are obviously delicious, but with the help of Bien Caramélisé is it possible to taste wonderful plant-based sweets.

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Photo:Bien Caramélisé

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