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India developed sun-powered tree

There is a saying that the reality is stranger than the novel, but just like the Disney movie ‘Frozen’, the temperature in Denver, Colorado has dropped by 31 degrees Celsius and made the phenomenon changes from extreme heat to snowfall at the beginning of September. In additional to those drastic changes, those disasters are continuing to occur in other parts of the world, such as a temperature rising to 54.4 degrees Celsius in Death Valley, Eastern California. Although the relationship between the abnormal weather, climate change and global warming has not yet been clarified, this abnormal temperature changes are a clear SOS signal coming from the Earth. 

To reduce those extreme disasters it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases and one way to reduce them is to switch to renewable energy. Renewable energy is an environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, and each country is actively working to increase the ratio of renewable energy within their country. A new PV system has been developed in India to support the current situation.

The new photovoltaic system called ‘Solar Tree’ was developed by the Scientific and Industrial Research Council (CSIR) and the Central Mechanical Engineering Institute (CMERI). Solar Tree has a structure in which solar panels are attached to branches of a tree around a single pillar. In addition, each solar panel installed on the solar tree has a capacity of 330W and since 35 panels are installed, it will generate approximately a total of 11.5kW of electricity. And since the pillar of the solar tree are adjustable, the owner can maximize the power generation efficiency by simply adjusting the slope. In addition, the tree is designed to maximize the effectiveness of each solar panel while maximizing the shadow space beneath it. In addition, Solar Tree also has the ability to adapt IoT-based features such as surveillance cameras, real time humidity, temperature, wind speed, rainfall prediction and soil analysis sensors.

Director of the Central Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (CMERI) Dr. Harish Hirani said that the Solar Tree can generate from 12,000 to 14,000kWh of clean energy annually, and the energy produced can be monitored either in real time or on daily basis. In addition, instead of diesel, the energy produced might be used for pumps and cultivators required in agriculture.

It is possible to create a large number of open-air solar power plants in a country or region with vast land, but for a country or region where not much land is available, the land suitable for solar power generation is limited. However, the solar tree can generate a large amount of electricity above your head while making effective use of the land and continue using it for agriculture. Furthermore, if the electricity can be sued to operate agricultural machinery, the effect of hitting two birds with one stone can be expected. 

Solar tree is definitely and effective way to create energy and create extra shade for hot countries and regions with a small land area.


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