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Tradition is a continuum of innovation.

Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce. Did you know that the brilliant European car technicians are coming together to create a dream-like electric vehicle?

The project is being undertaken by Luna’s Design, a British automotive engineering company. In August, the company announced the launch of the world’s first EV Rolls Royce. Surprisingly, the company switched to EV with two classic cars, the Phantom V and the Silver Cloud. The Phantom V was a 1961 model that was famous as the best car in the world until the 1990s. The Silver Cloud is a model that began production in 1955 and had a reputation as a famous car that was the culmination of the classic technology of Rolls-Royce at that time.

Luna’s Design has been working on EV conversion of classic cars by uniquely designing an electric power train that transmits the power of the motor to the drive unit. In addition to these two models, the Jaguar XK120 and Bentley S2 Flying Spur are listed on the website. Both are classic cars that have made a name for themselves in history, and their elegant and sophisticated designs reminiscent of horse-drawn carriages have a dignity not found in mass-produced modern cars.

Luna’s Design’s philosophy is “The future of classic cars is electric. We protect the past by embracing progress.” The German personal blog site “Watch I Love” introduces the words of the founder of Luna’s Design, along with details of the announcement of Rolls-Royce’s EV conversion. According to the blog, founder David Lorenz has a vision of “creating a car that combines the beauty of classic cars with the dynamics and ease of use of modern cars.”

Luna of Luna’s Design is the name of Mr. David’s beloved daughter. At one point, when his daughter was old enough to drive, he imagined that a famous car like the Mercedes-Benz 190SL had disappeared and felt it was a tragedy. And that is becoming a reality. The era is in full bloom of electric vehicles that do not emit greenhouse gases. Even if you are attracted to the beauty of classic cars, it is natural to choose an electric car from your lifestyle. Mr. David decided to convert the classic car to EV, and said that he took his daughter’s name as the company name with the hope that future people can enjoy the classic car.

It is important to use good old things for a long time and leave them in the future. Manufacturing that symbolizes such words is being carried out in England. The choice of EV may not be acceptable to classic car enthusiasts. However, in response to David’s enthusiasm, it is also true that many engineers, including designers, engineers and electrical engineers, are gathering at Luna’s Design. Their manufacturing is full of dreams that make the famous cars of yesteryear shine even more. The car, which was a symbol of the past, will become a symbol of the future. Because tradition is a continuum of innovation.

Photo: Lunaz Design

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