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Sustainable Palm Oil Production Report 2019

Palm oil is the most widely used oil in the world, but despite that there are still people who are not familiar with it. Raw materials derived from palm oil are qualified as vegetable oils, fats, and shortenings. In the raw material labeling, so there is generally no opportunity to be known as palm oil. However, palm oil has become an indispensable part of our lives, as the use of it ranges from detergents and soaps. Among the many vegetable oils, palm oil is the most consumed vegetable oil in the world because of its versatility, which can be used for various products. The yield levels are high, and the price is low. Therefore, the demand for palm oil around the world is increasing annually.

At this point, the issues regarding palm oil itself are absent, but there are many questions, issues and concerned when it comes to the development of palm oil. Discovery of palm oil has been pointed out as a major cause of deforestation in Southeast Asia. Deforestation is killing the habitats, food, animals and people living in the forest. To add to that the issue of child labor and forced labor issues become clearly visible.

When I hear about the problems with palm oil, I think that I should stop using palm oil and switch to other vegetable oils, but replacing it by increasing the production of other vegetable oils is a new cultivation that is necessary for that purpose. It is unrealistic considering the area. In addition, it creates new problems such as what to do with the employment of millions of people involved in palm oil production, which is one of the main pillars of social and economic development in producing countries, and it seems that it hardly contributes to problem solving. .. There is no problem with palm oil itself, but there is a problem with the method of growing palm oil.

“RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)”, in Japanese, “RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)”, in order to solve problems related to palm oil production and continue to use palm oil in order to produce palm oil in consideration of the environment and local communities. An international organization called the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil was established in April 2004. RSPO is a variety of companies involved in the production and use of palm oil, including producers, companies that own farms, companies that process oil, companies that make food and detergent from palm oil, retailers such as supermarkets that sell it, and NGOs. Companies, organizations and individuals participate as members, aiming for sustainable production and use of palm oil.

Now, I’m wondering how sustainable palm oil has been produced since RSPO was established. RSPO released the Sustainable Palm Oil Production Report 2019 in mid-September. The content is as follows, and the report emphasizes a significant increase in certified palm oil (CSPO). By the way, the full report can be viewed from the Source URL.

● From January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, a total of 7.07 million metric tons of CSPO was purchased in the market, increasing overall sales by 13%.

● Globally, the total RSPO certified area will increase by 9% in 17 countries to 4.2 million hectares by the end of 2019, with 15.19 million tons of certified palm oil (CSPO) and 3.38 million tons of certified palm oil plants. Produces certified sustainable palm kernel (CSPK). CSPO increased by 13% and CSPC increased by 11%, respectively, compared to the previous year. Indonesia and Malaysia are still the largest producers of oil palm, covering 81% of all RSPO certified areas.

RSPO’s 2019 report shows that sustainable palm oil production is on the rise. But don’t forget that there is a life on top of the lives that have been sacrificed. We consumers could contribute to sustainable palm oil by choosing products with the RSPO certification mark. This is because part of the purchase price is used to protect the forests of the producing countries. I would like to act with interest as long as it is indispensable to my life without ignoring it as a distant country.

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