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EC to support ethical consumption

In order to build a sustainable society, it is important for companies to reconsider on how to eliminate excessive resource deprivation and wasteful production. And there are things that individuals can do as well as companies – smart consumption. By not choosing products from companies that waste resources and produce products that affect the global environment from the perspective of sustainability, it is possible to correct excessive behavior of companies.

In fact, a popular sales site – Amazon in the United States has started a service that supports ethical consumption. In September, the company introduced a “Climate Pledge Friendly” system to label eco-friendly products. For products sold on Amazon, we will partner with a sustainability certification body to label those that meet the criteria as “Climate Pledge Friendly”. It is said that about 25,000 products acquired the label when the system started.

The affiliated certification bodies evaluate the textile industry’s sustainability certification. 18 groups such as, Bluesign Technologies, the responsive wool standard that respects and protects the animal welfare of sheep, and home appliances that are energy efficient and have high CO2 reductions every year. In addition to this, Amazon has created its own certification label, “Compact by Design.” It certifies designs that are lighter or have smaller packaging than similar products, and is said to be aimed at reducing CO2 emissions associated with product shipments. The contents of a total of 19 labels can be confirmed on Amazon’s HP.

The presence or absence of the label is clearly indicated under the name and rating of the searched product. As for how to use the label, it is possible not only to check whether the product you want to buy is certified, but also to display only the certified product. For example, if you only display products certified by the Rainforest Alliance, a non-profit organization that protects the rainforests and indigenous peoples’ lives, you’ll find tea, coffee, and snacks.

According to a questionnaire conducted by a Japanese private company, the number of people who use amazon for shopping has increased further due to the COVID-19. Particularly, nearly 40% of people in their 20s say that they use it frequently. By making it easier for consumers to find sustainable products on Amazon, more manufacturers will strive to create more sustainable products. Of course, different manufacturers have different ways of focusing on environmental efforts, so it is important not only to rely on labels, but also to have an awareness of personal knowledge.


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