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Who is the black hat in recycling?

Speaking of potato chips sold in more than 140 countries around the world, “Pringles”. It is a popular product with sour cream and onion flavors and rich cheese flavors. However, contrary to its deliciousness, Pringles’ characteristic tubular containers are also known to be difficult to sort garbage. In 2017, it was recognized by the British Recycling Association as “the worst villain in recycling”. To those who have never eaten Pringles, it may look like a paper container, but the tube is made of paper, the bottom of the tube is steel, and the lid is made of plastic. In addition, the steel at the bottom requires the tedious work of cutting and removing the paper container.

Known as the “worst villain of recycling,” Pringles is becoming a recyclable package. Kellogg’s, which owns the Pringles brand, is working with Tesco supermarket to test packages made from recycled paper at three stores in the United Kingdom. Strictly speaking, 90% is made of paper and the remaining 10% is made of plastic material, which acts as a seal to protect the potato chips from oxygen and moisture. There are also two versions of the lid, one with a paper lid and the other with a plastic lid. If the results of this test show that the new package is successful, the design will be expanded throughout Europe. In addition, Kellogg said the design of the new recyclable package is the first of its goals to make all packages 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by the end of 2025. Stated.

Pringles is affiliated with Terra Cycle in the UK, so you can simply pack the Pringles you have eaten into cardboard and send them for recycling. People in other areas need to disassemble and dispose of it until they switch to a recyclable package. However, the official Pringles website explains how to disassemble and sort, so why not try it as a reference? For example, ideas of recycling in pen stands, pasta, and macaroni cases is also introduced.


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