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Vegan corner added to British supermarkets.

Everyone has experienced not knowing where to find something you want at the supermarket. Supermarkets play one of the major roles in our everyday lives and with the changes in the society, supermarkets are slowly adjusting to fulfil the buyer’s desire. Recently supermarkets have begun selling more and more vegan produce.

In September, British super Asda set up first vegan corner in the country to display only 100% plant-based products. Cooking sauces, seasonings, snacks and 104 new products will be added to the corner and will include Asdas’ own brand, as well as other popular products such as Mrs Crimbles which is known for its gluten-free baked goods, and Vego – famous vegan chocolate.

The number of vegan searches at Asdas’ online store has increased by 275% since 2019. A study found that the 17% of the United Kingdom’s households, or nearly one-fifth has reduced meat intake or introduced a plant-based diet into their lives. This also resulted in the opening of 359 vegan stores. The store set up Google Trends, which allows to see what is trending and what is being researched regarding veganism by region. By using that data, it was clear to see that veganism has doubled in popularity.

Veganism popularity of vegans can’t be overlooked by the effects of the coronavirus. Meat processing plants in EU countries such as the UK and Germany have been closed due to outbreaks, revealing problems such as poor working environment which has not been talked about so far. Japanese version of Newsweek introduces these social in the Western counties. Issues regarding beef consumption, which has also been regarded as an environmental issue is also being discussed.

‘Whether yours on a plant-based diet or want to reduce meat consumption, we want to offer them time savings and ideas by selling all vegan products together. Customers’ want quick and easy shopping experience. Their experience should not be limited, just because of their preferences.’ Said Sarah Thornwill, the Purchasing Manager of Asda.

In other words, supermarkets did not recommend vegan as a political claim, but as a result of trying to meet the needs of customers, a corner dedicated to vegan food was needed.

Photo: Asda

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