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Carbon Negative employees to increase.

As companies announce their environmental goals and take real action towards achieving Net Zero*1 and Carbon Negative*2. Recently the CO2 emission of each employee have begun to attract attention. Despite the reduction of CO2 emissions within the business has gradually progressed, the emissions of employees have not been thought about so far. A company is a group of people and not a machine. Due to that the emission levels of each employee have begun gaining more awareness.

British craft beer maker – BrewDog has announced in August 2020, that it guarantee that all of its approximately 2000 employees are carbon negative. The company calculated the CO2 emissions of each employees and helped them become what’s called carbon negative. Carbon negative is the process of removing twice as much CO2 from the atmosphere as the emission of all employees. As one of the environmental actions regarding removing unneeded CO2, BrewDog has declared that by 2022 they will plant one million treess on a site of about 8 square kilometers in Scotland and will have the name ‘BrewDog Forest’.

To calculate the carbon emission of the employee the mobile app ‘Pawprint’. Pawprint is an eco-companion app developed by a British startup. The user needs to answer several questions regarding several categories such as, home, food, travel and others. For example, when asked about home, one of the questions could be ‘What do you use for heating during cold days?’ and the user chooses an answer to suit themselves. It could be gas, electricity or wood. Concerning travelling, what transport do you often use, or questions such as such are asked. By answering those simple questions the CO2 emission for each of the categories will be calculated. The results for each item are displayed together with the average number in the United Kingdom which will help the user understand if they need to change their lifestyle.