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Levi’s® SecondHand

Furniture giant IKEA has announced that it will open a store in Sweden’s recycling mall in the fall of 2020 that sells only sustainable products, such as recycled products and furniture made from renewable materials. In addition, according to a US Sustainable Consumption Survey released this year, 62% of Gen Z respondents want to choose sustainable brand products. And more than 70% of Gen Z expects to promote corporate sustainability. Furthermore, it became clear that more than 50% of Gen Z generations are in high demand for “recommerce (online sales of second-hand goods)”. Based on these consumption trend, it was announced that the denim brand Levi Strauss has launched a program called ” Levi’s® SecondHand” to buy back used jeans and denim jackets.

According to the announcement, Levi’s® Second Hand will be the first jeans brand to buy back and resell. The way to participate in this program is to first bring your old Levi’s jeans and denim jacket to the participating stores. If resale is possible, you will receive a gift card of $ 15 to $ 25. And if it’s a vintage item, you’ll get a $ 30- $ 35 gift card. In addition, $ 5 will be offered even if it is worn out and cannot be resold. Non-resaleable clothing is recycled without landfill by handing it over to Blue Jeans Go Green, which has the technology to convert used denim into building insulation materials.

The consumption style of fast fashion was to buy, dispose of, and replace fashionable clothes this season at low prices. But today, many consumers make a purchase decision based on what they really need and what is important. Not limited to Levi’s, jeans are durable fabrics that will last a long time. By utilizing “Levi’s® Second Hand”, jeans will be used for a longer time.

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