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Instore recycling system for all to see.

Is it possible to rebirth old clothes that is no longer used into new clothes? For example unwind a hand-knitted sweater and re-knit it into new gloves or a new scarf?

Swedish popular apparel brand ‘H&M’ has designed a new clothes recycling system which gives knitted clothes a second chance at life.

In October, 2020 the brand announced a new recycling machine at the Drottnignggatan, Stockholm which carries out the entire process from collecting for reproduction and all within the store. ‘Looop’ – a large machine which shreds clothes into small fabrics, spins the threads and turned them into new clothes. The fascinating thing is that absolutely anyone can see the process as the machine is placed in the store. To watch the process costs nothing, but to use the machine the fee is applied. For the members of H&M loyalty program the fee is 100 Swedish kronor (approximately $ 11.5) and for non-members the fee is 150 Swedish kronor (approximately $ 16.3).