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Next-generation transportation system at 1000 km / h

Next-generation transportation system – ‘Hyperloop’ is heading one step closer to practical use. Hyperloop is planned to emit less greenhouse gases than an airplane and to reach the speed of up to 1000km/h.

Virgin Hyperloop – a subsidiary of the Virgin Group which is known by many for the famous airlines announced that in October, it would set up a new R&D base in West Virginia, USA. Hyperloop Certification Center will be a facility which will certify vehicles and transportation systems for commercial use. The establishment of a certification center as such is said to be the first step in order to achieve practical application through technological development.

According to the announcement, the building of the facility will begin in 2022. Safety certification of the system will be carried out by the year 2025 and the commercial operation to start by 2030. At this facility, Virgin Hyperloop will test vehicles and systems, while US regulators will use a approximately 10km test track to establish safety standards for Hyperloop systems.

The company says that the facility will create approximately 13,000 local jobs. As a result, 17 states in the United States competed in the selection of locations. The company hasn’t disclosed the reason for the selection, but West Virginia-born senator Joe Manchin has deep connections with the transport industry and many famous automakers which include Toyota and Hino Motors.
States’ Governor Jim Justice said ‘ The Certification Center will attract investors, increase employment and will also increase needed attention to the state. The center is also a chance to create new partnership’.