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Cactus boxing gloves! ??

Boxing, as you know, is a sport in which athletes wear boxing gloves on their fists and fight only with punches. When you think of boxing gloves, you might think of animal skins from the perspective of fighting sports, but recently, boxing gloves made of cactus leather have appeared. The image of punches is more painful for cacti than for animals.

Boxing gloves “Los Cactus glove” using cactus leather were developed by “Sanabul” in the United States, which makes boxing gloves and judo clothing. This glove has the same performance and fit as a glove made of real animal skin. However, compared to the production of animal skin gloves, it emits less carbon dioxide and, above all, does not sacrifice animals. Sanabul has been manufacturing boxing gloves and other sporting goods from synthetic leather rather than animal-based materials to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in its products. And to take this activity one step further, the company has developed gloves made of cactus leather.