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Alexa equipped custom Electric Vehicle.

Tesla is one of the world’s largest and famous electric vehicle manufacturers, but there are many new electrical vehicle startups around the world which are working to innovate their own EVs to become second Tesla. It is said that the first to do so might be Michigan based ‘‘Rivian’’. Currently Rivian is raising funds from Amazon and Ford Motors, and in 2019 signed a contract with Amazon to supply 100’000 electric delivery vehicles by 2030.First of these vehicles was delivered to Amazon in October 2020.

Amazon announced that one out of the three models of the EV delivery vans for Amazon was unveiled. Although the outside of the vehicle is rather cute, the technological innovation is as needed. By 2022 the number of vehicles is planned to increase to 10’000 worldwide and 100’000 by 2030.

New features of the EV delivery vehicle include
◆ Auxiliary functions such as state-of-the-art sensors and highway driving support technology.

◆ Large windshield to enhance driver visibility.

◆ External camera that allows to see 360 degrees outside of the vehicle.

◆ Equipped with Alexa, hands-free access to route information and the latest weather information.

◆ The tail lamp is designed to surround the read of the vehicle so that other drivers can easily recognize the breaks.

◆ Wide spacing provided for the drivers ability to move freely.