For sustainable society



Petroleum plastics have been the mainstream of cosmetic containers and packaging. However, in recent years, since the production of environmentally friendly products has become a major premise, there has been an active movement to use biodegradable plastics that are decomposed in the soil and recycled plastics that use discarded plastics. For example, L’Oréal has stated that by 2030 all plastic packaging will be recycled or plant-derived. In this way, the cosmetics industry is accelerating the trend of “clean beauty and clean packaging.” “Each & Every,” which handles deodorants, fragrances, and solid shampoos, has also adopted a carbon-negative package.

Bioplastic containers made from sugar cane are used in deodorant products that prevent the body odor and sweat odor. There was a reason for using bioplastics made from sugar cane. This is because sugarcane is a plant that absorbs carbon dioxide in the air during the growth stage and removes more carbon dioxide than it emits. In addition, the envelopes used by Each & Every for product delivery are made from corn.