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Storage of Renewable Energy in Salt

While researches are being conducted on how to make energy from everything such as biomass and hydrogen, this time a new energy storage system that uses salt as a raw material has been released. An energy company Vattenfall and SaltX Technology, both are based in Sweden, have jointly started the test operation to store energy generated from solar and wind power in “salt battery”.

The “salt battery”, developed by SaltX Technology, uses crystals of nano-coated salt. This will be heated by electricity to store thermal energy, and the energy will be released as needed. Through the experimental phase, it has been proven to be able to store up to ten times more energy than the conventional storage method using water, several thousand times repeatedly. It has also been reported that the energy can be stored for months without losses.

More important data will be collected during the test operation, such as how large amounts of salt can be used, how quickly the storage medium reacts and how the process can be controlled, and the answer will be made to the question of whether it can be used or not.

This project is planned to run at the Reuter thermal power plant in Berlin until the end of the summer 2019.
The test operation of the “salt battery” is part of the long-term rebuilding of the Reuters power plant and is the first step in the plan for Vattenfall to phase out all coal by 2030.