For sustainable society


Do not sacrifice coffee bean farmers.

Coffee is a drink consumed by many whether it’s to take a break or to concentrate.

But recently the culture of third wave coffee has taken root and the need for coffee is increasing and diversifying. The method of roasting coffee and the produce of coffee itself has gotten interest from others around the world. However, regarding the produce of coffee, there are problems such as the rapid decrease in land suitable for coffee bean production due to the effects of climate change by around 2050, and unfair trade with coffee farmers.

In the midst of these issues, Olam Coffee of Olam International Coffee Limited – an agricultural general trading company, has announced the launch of ‘COFFEE LENS’. COFFEE LENS is the production coffee bean that meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

LENS is an abbreviation which stands for Livelihoods, Education, and Nature at Scale. It focuses on four main areas such as economic opportunities in the coffee sector, education and skills, as well as climate change counter measures in order to improve ecosystem. Working with partners is essential to achieving LENS goals. Clients, government, financial institutions, multilateral institutions and NGO’s help is required.

The benefits of COFFEE LENS include
■200,000 households will benefit from increased production and income.
■All children of coffee farmers in Olam’s supply chain will be educated and will engage in vocational training.
■15% reduction in greenhouse gases
■Improve soil health and biodiversity at the landscape level without deforestation in a coffee supply chain consisting of 18 production areas and an estimated 424,000 producers.