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Bio-Energy Made from Cocoa Beans

Chocolate, loved by everyone from children to adults all over the world, is made from cocoa beans.The University of Nottingham in the UK has started a project to turn cocoa pod husks into electricity in Ghana, one of the largest producing country of cocoa beans.

Although 10 tons of cocoa pod husks are generated to harvest 1 ton of cocoa beans, these wastes had never been utilized. However, a study showed that cocoa pod husks could be converted into bio-fuels.
The electricity supply for rural areas is only 15% at present, and it is believed that, if this project is successful, the cocoa pod husks will be an important source of electricity. And it will also support the aim for “universal access to electricity by 2030” set by Ghanaian government.

The project to turn cacao pod husks into electricity is aimed for practically and economically using husks that will be discarded. In addition to the production and distribution of energy, the generation of jobs such as collecting, transporting and processing cacao pod husks is a big byproduct. This will help increasing employment in rural areas and reducing poverty.

The project also takes into consideration the SDG’s “Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy” and “Goal 1: No poverty”. If you have the awareness as a person concerned rather than thinking that “electricity shortage and poverty are happening somewhere far in the world”, SDG’s universal goal of “Leaving no one behind” must be achieved.