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The reason of the eco-package?

What do you imagine from the rain and the umbrella? Is it “Singin’in the Rain”, a masterpiece of a musical movie that dances tap dance while singing the theme song in the pouring rain? Or is it the famous American salt “Morton Salt”? In both cases, the image of holding an umbrella in the rain is impressive. Morton Salt’s catch phrase, “When It Rain It Pours,” means “even if it rains, Morton Salt’s salt will run down smoothly without solidifying.” That is represented by an illustration of a girl walking in the rain. This traditionally designed Morton Salt package has now been redesigned with a mark to encourage proper recycling of the package.

In October 2020, Morton Salt redesigned its retail products into an eye-catching, bold and contemporary design. The company added the “How 2 Recycle” label. The How 2 Recycle label is a mark that tells the consumer that the package can be recycled. This label is already collaborated with over 225 brands and retailers. In fact, all packages have recently begun to turn into eco-friendly packages. Why are packages related to the global environment?