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Google is doing their best to change the industry to sustainable.

Google is doing their best to change the industry to sustainable.

Google is a synonym for internet search engine, but it is also a face of a durable consumer goods manufacturer which sells smartphones and smart speakers. As of recently the company has been focusing on sustainability such as using renewable energy in its buildings. But it seems that Google is planning to strengthen its efforts regarding home appliance in near future.

The company announced that by 2025, more than 50% of the plastics used in its products will be recycled plastics or renewable materials. The product packaging will be completely plastic free and will be made of recyclable packaging material. In addition to that, Google will reduce the amount of waste generated at product manufacturing plants and will obtain UL 2799 zero landfill waste certification by 2022.

UL 2799 certifies that all in-house waste is treated in compliance with regulations, and does not produce waste which will go to landfill, and goes through a recycling process.

The company has already used recycled aluminum as the material for the back cover of the Pixel 5 smartphone released in October. It is said that Google smartphones which use recycled aluminum are the first in history, but Apple also uses those materials in products such as MacBook. Then what are the main benefits of recycled aluminum used by these two companies?