For sustainable society


Debit card which helps plant trees.

Cashless payments are becoming the standard around the world. Due to COVID-19, in order to avoid direct contact more and more people use smartphones or credit cards to pay.

Meanwhile in England, a magical debit card has been created where the tree-planting project progresses as long as the purchases are being made using that card. A card as such is an investment to those who are interested in environmental protection but do not have time to participate in activities.

Tree Card – developed by a British startup, uses 80% of its profits from transaction fees incurred in payments to support 38 existing tree planting projects. According to the company, one tree will be planted for every 60USD used by the consumers. The card doesn’t have any annual fees or issuance fees, and can be used at all debit card merchants which accept Mastercard. 

Tree Card itself is environmentally friendly. It is made of FSC certified cherry trees, which are not made of plastic but procured in a sustainable manner. More than 300,000 cards can be produced from a single tree. Simple, wood-grained design will make absolutely anyone want to become an owner of one of those cards, but despite the design the company encourages the consumers to use digital cards such as Apple Pay, rather than wood-grained cards. With the card-only app it is possible to check the number of trees planted, and see your own contribution to the environment.