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Electrification of Road Freight Transport

With the promotion of converting various vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EVs) in recent years, a public test has been launched to explore new possibilities for electric cars. In the test, an electrified section with transmission lines is installed on a part of the highway (autobahn) from Frankfurt Airport to Hessen in Germany, and in common with electrified railroads, electricity is supplied using a pantograph mounted on top of the hybrid trucks.

A hybrid truck equipped with a battery- and a diesel-powered engine is used in the test and travels with charging the battery while the truck is connected to the overhead contact line. Even if the battery runs out, there is no risk that the truck will stop because it is equipped with a diesel engine.

This system, called eHighway, can reduce the use of fossil fuel and transportation costs, and consequently can reduce emissions such as CO2 and nitrogen oxides. It seems to be effective not only on highways where vehicles travel long distances, but also on round-trip transport sections from port facilities to distribution centers and any other places such as mines.

The test on the highway will be conducted until 2022, and there is no doubt that it will spread in Germany depending on the results of the test. This is an effort unique to Germany, one step ahead as an environmentally advanced country.