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Delivered Imperfect Vegetables at a Bargain Price

All the vegetables and fruits lined up at supermarkets are shaped in beautiful, and you will never see the ones with strange. It is said that, in the United States, 20% or more of the grown vegetables do not meet supermarket standards, etc. Even if they don’t meet the standards, don’t you want to buy them if you can safely and deliciously eat them and if they are cheaper than the regular ones? A service that allows you to buy such imperfect vegetables at a low price is being developed in the United States.

Imperfect Produce, based in San Francisco, offers a service that sells imperfect vegetables and fruits at a bargain price and delivers to consumers’ doors. Vegetables that can’t be sold because of imperfect shapes and colors are purchased directly from farmers and are sold at a price reduced by approximately 30-50% from the retail price. There are about 40 kinds of vegetables, including onions that are larger or smaller than the standards, oranges scratched on the surface and broccoli leaves that taste delicious but are culturally not eaten. You can order them easy, just pick the vegetables and fruits you need online. And if you indicate the driver the location where you want to pick up the package when your order, you don’t have to receive it at home.

Through this service, Imperfect Produce prevents food waste and also donates fresh produce weekly to food banks and anti-starvation organizations. In other words, the company contributes to both the challenges of “Food Loss” and “Zero Hunger”.
We hope that these fights against food waste and hunger will spread not only in the United States but throughout the world.

Photo:Imperfect Produce