For sustainable society


Sneakers Contributing to the Sustainable Society

“Sustainable” is becoming a key word in the world of fashion, and a style themed on social issues such as marine pollution has appeared at fashion shows . And today, it has affected market in sneakers.

The upper of the sustainable sneaker “SAOLA” is made from recycled plastic bottles, and 4-5 recycled plastic bottles are used per pair. The insole and outsole are made from product called Bloom Algae Foam which recycled algae. Bloom Algae Foam is a plant-based product made from algae biomass using unwanted algae in a lake. Chemical-free organic cotton is used for shoelaces, and the top layer of the insole is made of cork using only bark without cutting trees. Thus, SAOLA shoes are made from different eco-materials for each part.

Environmentally friendly shoes have never been made even though the fact that 25 billion pairs of shoes are produced each year; on the other hand, SAOLA has been promoting the development of SAOLA shoes with focusing on making them eco-friendly.  In addition to sustainable manufacturing, the company also supports the MWALUA WILDLIFE TRUST organization, which is working on some activities including supplying sustainable water solutions for wildlife communities. 1% of sales of SAOLA shoes are used to support these activities, which means they are contributing to the environment and wildlife.

As a side note, the price of the SAOLA sneaker is $99.95, and you can make your choice from some convenient colors for everyday use such as olive light gray.