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Zero-emission urban electric vehicles

Since electric vehicles don’t emit carbon dioxide such as CO2, development and operation of small electric vehicles for delivery are promoted. Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited announced a new “electric-assisted urban delivery vehicle” that is cool and fit in the landscape of London.

This electric vehicle is called Project 1 eCargo (P1) and is classified as a car, like a micro car, in the EU. However, it is handled in the same way as a regular automobile. The electric pedal assist allows you to pedal easily on an uphill. The P1 is 1.94m in total length, 1.04m in width and 1.95m in height, and it can carry up to 150kg of cargo in the rear pod. The pod extends to cover the rider’s cabin as well, offering protection from rain and inclement weather.

In April 2019, the ultra-low emission zone was instated in central London. Within the ultra-low emission zone, vehicles that don’t meet certain emissions regulations are obligated to pay tolls. Even though it is good for reducing air pollution, delivery companies are required to deliver as before regardless of the regulations. This means that delivery vehicles that don’t emit carbon dioxide, such as P1, can deliver everywhere including the ultra-low emission zone.

In addition, Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited is considering the rental of P1 using app. If it gets available not only for delivery companies but also for individuals, it would be a major contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.