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The “Convenience Store” that is not so convenient

Here looks like a convenience store from the outside. However, instead of food and drinks, items such as mini solar chargers, bamboo toothbrushes and compost buckets are arranged. These are all eco-friendly products that are alternatives to convenient daily items.

This is the exhibit of the exhibition being held at “Temasek Shophouse” at Orchard in Singapore. In conjunction with World Environment Day, the exhibition was held by Temasek Trust, aiming to raise awareness about how the items you usually use have a great impact on global warming.

The less environmentally impacted items that are exhibited are grouped into four categories such as electronics waste, food waste, household product waste and plastic waste for which mass disposal is a problem. (Singapore alone generated more than 7.78 million tons of waste in 2017. This fills 15,000 Olympic-sized pools). Every item has an accompanying QR code, which allows accessors to learn more about a sustainable society and to purchase items on each linked product page.

The director of Temasek Shophouse Yvonne Tay says, “We realize that the culture of convenience is really the culprit of environmental issues. We need to accept troublesome things to improve the current situation.” And continues as follows. “Maybe it’s really just a tweak of consumer habits. What we are trying to do is not to have a top-down approach and not to sound too preachy but something that is a little bit more fun and approachable. So, we have opened a convenience store that is “not-so” convenient this time.”

The exhibition is free and open to the public until July 31st. “Temasek Shophouse” will hold more talks and workshops by eco-social enterprises and advocates, which will encourage people in Singapore to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle.

Photo:Temasek Shophouse