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Electric car made from 80% recycled plastics

A design studio Mandalaki in Italy has partnered with Estrima, an Italian car company. They introduced the first electric concept car “Birò 02” made from 80% recycled plastics. This is an electric car made from recycled plastics, a higher percentage than any other vehicle on the market.

The “Birò O2”, designed for commuting in the city based on the original Birò, compact enough to fit in scooter-size parking spaces and is equipped with a removable battery. According to Enrico De Lotto, a designer of Mandalaki, “we are fascinated by projects that can have a real impact on people’s lives and solve needs. Then, we try to develop an electric vehicle, that can be recycled, with as few parts as possible. Less parts means less plastic, less things to produce, less weight to move, and so on.”

In manufacturing process, plastic wastes left by road maintenance such as cones and signboards were ground into a fine powder, which were used to form the structural parts of the vehicle, including the front and rear components and the rear hatch.  All other elements of the car, such as the seats, the tachometer, steering wheel and doors, have been produced from non-recycled plastic, chiefly thermo-formed PVC. All other parts such as seats, tachometers, handles, doors etc. are made from non-recycled plastic, mainly thermoformed PVC. In addition, computer-generated blue dot patterns are drawn on the exterior panels, which are describing “the vital flow of our planet” inspired by the motion of the wind and ocean.

The “Birò O2” can travel 100 kilometers on a single charge, with a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour. Mandalaki studio and Estrima aim to make it available on the market by June 2019, and are also working on a car produced from 100% recycled parts by the end of 2020.

Photo:Mandalaki Studio