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The biggest meat producing company releases nuggets and burgers made from pea protein

Tyson Foods, the biggest meat producing company, announced it’s entering the  alternative meats market with the launch of RAISED&ROOTED. The first step is releasing nuggets and burgers. The nuggets that will be released in this summer are made from a blend of pea protein and other plant ingredients, and the burgers to be released in this fall are made with Angus beef and pea protein.  Additionally, existing Aidells brand owned by Tyson Foods has launched sausage and meatballs that are made with chicken and plant-based ingredients.

According to the company executive, “we began development of our alternative protein products last year. Then we have succeeded in bringing new products to market in well under a year with capitalizing on our existing infrastructure. These products appeal to a broad cross section of consumers who enjoy food from a variety of protein sources. Consumers will have more interest in alternative protein products such as 100% plant based, blended, and traditional protein offerings.”

In addition, major retail and foodservice industries also have expressed interest in Tyson’s expanding its business to the alternative protein segment. It is estimated to be a multi-billion-dollar category and continues to grow. The company’s extensive knowledge of protein product development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing is valuable, and accelerating market growth is expected. In addition, through Tyson Ventures, the company’s venture capital fund, the company also continues its investment in start-up companies involved in alternative proteins.