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The world’s first reusable mug made from disposable paper cups

Ashortwalk, a design company in the UK, developed a reusable mug “rCUP” made from discarded paper cups. Domestically, 12 oz cup is sold for £12 and will be released in the United States by the end of the year.

 The mug can easily open and close with one hand and is designed for 360° drinking with completely leak proof. So you can feel free to carry it in your bag. In addition, it’s fully insulated, so it’s comfortable to hold in hands, and it also enables the content stay warm for more than 90 minutes. But the biggest feature is that it’s easy to recycle. It is designed for at least 10 years of daily usage and is 100% recyclable along with your other household recycling.

 According to an investigation, around 99.75% of paper coffee cups from the UK coffee shops are discarded, which is 2.5 billion, every year. Dan Dicker, a former Dyson product designer and a director of ashortwalk, says, “we have already made a great contribution in reducing the wastes of many coffee shops. This is the challenge of creating a sustainable future”.

 For rCUP, the company decided not separating paper and plastic linings, which had previously made it difficult to recycle paper cups so far. After cleaning the cups, they’re shredded into tiny pieces and blended with recycled polypropylene to create a new resin. Six paper cups are used for one standard-sized mug.  Mr. Dicker also says, “the value per ton of used cups now is around £120. If you then convert those cups into that resin, the value goes up to £1,200 a ton. Then if you take that resin and turn it into the rCup, then the value goes up to £30,000 a ton.” rCUP will also help establishing a new circular economy.