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Charging is completed only in 15 minutes: ultra-fast, beautiful EV charging stations

COBE, an architectural firm based in Copenhagen, has unveiled possibly the world’s most beautiful and sustainable ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles. These charging stations are made with recyclable materials and charge a vehicle in just 15 minutes powered by solar energy. And they provide drivers a comfortable place to rest and relax. The first station was installed on the E20 motorway in Fredericia, Denmark, and is currently planned to be installed at 47 more locations (7 more in Denmark, 20 in Sweden and 20 in Norway) along highways in Scandinavia.

 There EV charging stations, developed in partnership with Powered by E.ON Drive & Clever, are primarily constructed in certified wood, cut from designated forests. A green roof is installed on the top of the distinctive canopy, which is providing not only a space for solar panels but also shade to block light and eyes. In addition, the modular structures allow easily to scale. Connecting multiple pillars simulated trees, the landscape looks like a grove. Around the “grove” of the 400-square-meter Fredericia charging station consisting of 12 pillars, real trees are also planted under the support of the Danish Society for Nature Conservation.


 According to Dan Stubbergaard, founder of COBE and architect, “The energy and the technology are green, so we wanted the architecture, the materials and the concept to reflect that. So, we designed a charging station, which offer people a dose of mindfulness even on the highway.  The company’s EV charging station won the infrastructure award of the 2018 Danish Building Awards. With support from EU Commission projects, it is being implemented across Scandinavia