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Superfood pasta made from insects

Interest in foods that have benefits to the human bodies and the environment has increased in recent years. In supermarkets, products that have never been heard before, such as vegan brownies, paleo energy bars and dairy-free cheese, are stocked. And surprisingly, an Australian food company “Hoppa” has released insect-based pasta.

 Their pasta, known for innovative and surprisingly tasty, are made from crickets. The cricket-based pasta is packed with more than 60% protein, amino acids, omegas and Vitamin B12. It is not only healthy food, but when it comes to sustainability, produced at a far lower environmental cost than traditional livestock farming. Do you want to know how it tastes? It has mild, slightly nutty flavor. And in addition to pasta, the company also released baking powder and protein powder. Since the products are also dairy and soy-free, they should be good for pasta lovers who care about their health and environment in the world.

According to Channy Sandhu, founder of Hoppa, “Our crickets are raised responsibly with complete traceability and fed a high quality, nutritious diet. By introducing this superfood to a popular staple such as pasta we hope to help people make positive health choices while doing our bit for the environment.”