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An electric motorcycle made of wood with smooth curve

French startup Newron Motors plans to produce a high-end and high-performance wooden electric motorcycle. Sébastien Mahut, founder of Newron Motors, dreamt of designing an all-electric motorcycle driven silently by clean energy. In his home garage, he produced a prototype of an electric motorcycle using an Aprilia Futura, which is a large sports touring motorcycle, as a base, and it had recorded a maximum speed of 110km/h and a range of about 60km.

Newron Motors, established in 2016, will launch electric motorcycles with a limit of 12 in 2020. The company is aiming for further commercialization by 2021. And in the future, they’re also aiming to design motorcycles with learning functions. Learning motorcycle means knowing how to adapt its consumption and predicting the optimal itinerary according to the recorded use. In addition, this motorcycle will be accessible to the driver from an iOS and Android smartphone application, which will allow to notify maintenance.

The details of the motorcycle including price and specs have not been revealed. As the wooden body with smooth curve that’s not seen in conventional gasoline motorcycles is impressive, we can’t wait for the final form to be released.