For sustainable society


Upcycling surplus bread

Baguettes and batons are the most popular bread in the UK but also the highest waste at the supermarket. But today, British supermarket TESCO is trying to dramatically reduce the waste by launching bread pudding and olive oil crostini made from surplus baguettes and batons. If this plan is implemented across TESCO’s UK stores, it could mean about 40% of the baguette and baton waste being cut.

The bread pudding will be made from in-store surplus bakery baguettes by breaking them into crumbs and adding spices, sultanas and water. The olive oil crostini will be made from in-store bakery batons which are sliced, topped with extra virgin olive oil and then baked to a crisp and crunchy texture. The bread pudding costs £1.25 and crostini costs 80p, and they are being sold at 24 TESCO stores across the UK.

This move follows TESCO’s involvement in another activity where the company made gin from surplus grapes and limitedly sold. According to annual food waste data that TESCO recently published, the amount of waste was significantly reduced compared to the previous year by redistributing surplus food to charities, community groups, employees and animal feed processing companies. It would be no exaggeration to say that these activities for food loss countermeasures on the side of food sellers are an innovative step for a sustainable society.