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A sustainable park will be opened in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

 LAVA and ASPECT Studios, a design company in Australia, have collaboratively won an international competition to design the 16-hectare Central Park that will be constructed in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

 The new park is planned to be constructed in the site where had the Southeast Asia’s first railway station during the colonial-era in 19th century. Currently, there is the “September 23 Park” which is a place of relief for citizens named to commemorate the war (Nam Bộ kháng chiến) against the French army, and a bus terminal. And in the near future, the construction of Vietnam’s first metro station is planned.

 The design proposal reflected the site’s context as a key point of transportation. In addition, with maximizing the use of the existing trees and vegetation, the company is aiming for future sustainable development through the connection with the natural environment. For example, “Water purification trees”, artificial trees in the park, collect rainwater to be recycled and used for watering, drinking fountains and fire hydrants. “Ventilation trees” encourage natural ventilation, reduce heat and create fresh air. Then “Solar trees” with solar panels power the digital screens, charging docks and Wi-Fi systems.

 According to Chris Bosse, Director of LAVA, “Our design is informal, multiuse, friendly and continuous. It plays a role as a public space in the city, which meets the diverse needs of people.” In addition to commercial facilities, the park has functions such as sculpture gardens, outdoor art galleries, music and theater performance pavilions, a skate park, sport zones and playgrounds. Along with the opening of the metro station, it will also help to improve the quality of living, central to a truly international city. The construction is planned to get started in 2020.