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Children’s Pictures Communicate Environmental Issues

Reading books, studying at school, and reviewing the news in newspapers and on the Internet are not the only ways to think about environmental issues. Pictures and paintings sometimes have stronger messages than words or sentences.

Varies places hold contests for pictures and photographs on the theme of environmental protection, and by participating in these contests and watching the award-winning works, new discoveries may be made. For example, Kao has held an annual “Kao International Children’s Environmental Art Competition” for elementary and junior high school students from around the world since 2010. The theme of the work is “Ecology with all of us,” and participants are free to express how to protect our precious global environment and link it to the future in a single painting.

Looking back on past award-winning works, there are a variety of messages (depending on the work), including not only simply stating that we must protect the global environment but also praising the beauty of nature around us. There are also those that sound warnings against environmental destruction, and those that depict the future that we hope will be realized. The way of drawing is not uniform, and the contest gathers diverse works from various countries. Last year, 12,563 submissions were received from 44 countries and regions, including Japan.

The 10th contest this year already closed on September 3, and the selection process has started so that the results can be announced at the end of September 11. An award ceremony will be held in December. Kao holds this contest in the hopes that children from around the world, who are responsible for the future of the earth, will seriously think about the ecology of their daily lives, the environment, and future of the earth, and express it as a painting—passing it on to as many people as possible so that populations around the world can think about the environment and take action in their daily lives. This is a great opportunity to create new inspiration from award-winning works that are drawn from the perspective of pure-hearted children, so please visit the exhibition, which will be held at the Iizuka City Clean Center in the Fukuoka Prefecture beginning on November 2.