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Convergence Sneakers Dyed with Waste Materials

At the recent G7 meeting, 32 fashion brands signed agreements to address environmental issues. In recent years, fashion brands have increasingly focused on environmental protection. It is now common to use eco-friendly materials, such as fiber made from recycled plastic waste and biodegradable materials for packaging. Efforts have also been made to recycle scraps by turning them into paper and stuffed toys.

Converse has released “converse e.c.lab” (Converse EC Laboratory) aimed at achieving both sustainability and fashionability. As a first step, we released a sneaker called “ALL STAR FOOD TEXTILE HI (All-Star Food Textiles HI)” in collaboration with FOOD TEXTILLE which uses waste ingredients as dyes.

FOOD TEXTILE is a project to reduce food waste by using it for dyeing. Special techniques are used to produce dye from vegetables that cannot be sold because of their irregular shape, as well as food products, leftovers, and chips from the food manufacturing process.

In the collaboration, we will offer three colors, a gentle brown (“Drip Coffee”) that uses coffee grounds served in the cafe, a pale blue (“Blue Mallow”) that uses non-standard Marlow blue herb tea, and pale pink (“Sakura”) that is extracted from fallen cherry blossom petals. The soles are made of recycled rubber, and the insoles are made of Ortholight eco. The price is 9,000 yen (excluding tax). What is usually thrown away and eaten is turned into fashion. In the future, the fashion industry will adopt more sustainable practices.